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I would like to give some feedback on our living experience at Sunset Ridge. We moved in and lived here 1 year. We would have like to have stayed but the company is more interested in investing in new renters with unknown track record as we were given a re sign option at $1540. Per month while advertising $1298.00 on Craigslist a month for new renters. We have never been late with rent once and have been model tenants. The upper management has been up and down in the office. Aldo who is now gone was pretty good. Kirk is also a good office person you can count on. One of the factors that is a turn off living here is all the subletting people are renting space that prohibits them to do so. Like the basements ,so you'll have a harder time finding parking because those people who have 9 people living out of a 2 bedroom and each drives a car. Over all for the room sqf you will not find anything close to this for the price.



I lived here a few years ago, and despite absolutely LOVING my townhouse, I had to move due to countless problems with the previous management. Now that they have been taken over by a new management company, I decided to apply here again. Let me tell you, the difference is astounding! The application process was so quick and easy, and Stevi really took the time to make sure that we found the perfect home! She took the time to sit down with me and a map of the property so that way we could pick a unit in the location we wanted, even though it was chaotic Monday morning in the office and I'm sure she had plenty of other things to do. I am so excited to move back into Sunset Ridge! I can already tell the new management genuinely cares about their residents.


Staff are very nice, pleasant every time we go into the main office. Finally moved and really enjoying our new place neighbors don’t seem to bother anyone, no signs of unwanted bugs or broken items. Has a few paint spots on the floor but that’s not a big deal for us.


There were 2 small screws and a cotter pin in our garbage disposal that the maintenance man found with relative ease. They must've been there from before we moved in, because small screws are pretty common, but I haven't even laid eyes on a cotter pin in a few years. Anyway, it was pretty quick and the disposal works fine now. Thank you!



Two management teams. The first, Willmax was awful, the new company is decent.


I move in here recently and can’t thank enough the manager and his team they made the move in process so quick and I love my new place ..


I enjoy the community and the work that is put into it keeping it a nice community. The apartment management is fantastic. They do their best to accommodate all of us living here and seem to go the extra mile to take care of things. I diffently appreciate Angelica, who seems to go that extra mile. She's always checking to make sure things have been taken care of per our request. I've had good experiences Since I have lived here which is little over 2 years.



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