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New management is absolutely amazing! Definitely come live here if you want to be treated fairly :)


Awesome place, even better management!


New management has done a lot of changes. Staff is great and the Maintance is awesome.


Had a awesome time visiting this property great staff and management!!


Awesome management and staff! Great place!!


Nothing but a positive experience when visiting the community, recently!


The new management company is really turning this property around. Jenna the manager is very friendly and attentive to all our needs. Great experience all around!


So let me start by saying that I lived in these apartments under two different management groups. For the sake of honesty and fairness, I will speak on both and maybe you will see why I gave the property 5 stars. The team that headed management for this location was WillMax and they stink to high heaven! I paid my rent, was a good tenant and somehow I was evicted without ever even being told. So I was still living in the apartment, paying rent but was "evicted". This was irresponsible on WillMax's part and they have not returned any of my calls and thus I will likely have to hire a lawyer to get this straightened out. They were sloppy, and disorganized and unprofessional at best, and I would never again stay in a property managed by this company. I rated them on Google. Now on to the reason for the five star rating. I give it such a high rating based on several factors. First, the new management team- They came in and worked supremely hard to right so many of the wrongs that had occurred in this location prior to their taking over. The team is professional and work well together. They also made a smart move by retaining the Maintenance supervisor, Travis Erickson. Travis has been there a long time and he does excellent work. He is prompt and courteous and works hard to get things fixed in record timing. He is friendly, approachable and just a really cool dude. He exceeds what would be expected of any person in his position and I miss him dearly! Gemma, the new manager is pretty awesome!! She was very helpful when I moved from the property into my new home. She apologized that the previous team had not offered me a renewal quote and she just handled my situation with class. The living space is great for the money, the apartment homes are much larger than most and the basement storage is awesome! The layout of my place was sensible and spacious, updated very well for a older property and energy efficient. The landscape was really nice, they worked hard to keep everything in order, trimmed bushes and trees, dog poop pick up service (even though it is NOT their responsibility to clean after our pets), and a really nice playground and dog park (mostly open space). The place was over the top animal friendly, but the deposits for pets was fair. There is also an large pool that is most times heated and open year around. The parking is kinda tough as it isn't assigned, but I did not usually have trouble parking near my own apartment. The neighbors were awesome, many having been in residence for 10+ years and just good people. At holidays, the tenants were festive and friendly, no issues with crazy or criminal behavior. The community outreach team was often times out early in the morning to offer cookies, burritos, etc and were great morale boosters. The complex is close to all kinds of shopping and right near highway 36. It is a stellar location. All in all, I enjoyed living in Sunset Ridge, more so after the new team took over, but in general it was a very good place to live. They were helpful even though I had tough credit issues after my divorce and I exited without any problems with a reasonable cleaning of the place. I would recommend it. Great value for your dollar.



I have lived here about a year and have loved it. Only complaint is that the playground is always trashed. I typically spend 10 minutes picking up trash and placing it in the trash cans. This is a two fold issue. Lazy messy ass neighbors who don't put their trash where it belongs and management who don't send people out to make sure the ground are clean. Had new management take over a few months back and have had little to no interaction with them so I can't speak on how they are, but, previous group was not terrible. Decent neighbors around my unit. And I only had one bad experience of having my car stereo faceplate taken from my car (I left my doors unlocked). All in all outs a nice place to live. Going to sign a new lease come the end of my lease in April.