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Friendly office staff that is attentive to the resident's needs.




Just love the way it looks


I expected a bit more. Award winning? My downstairs bathroom is falling apart. The basement lights flicker on and off. Got to wiggle the light bulbs just right. Any time I plug something into an outlet it falls out. A few outlets are ok. A child must have painted this place. There is dried paint dripping down most of the walls. Paint splattered over everything and the wood floors. They never laid down plastic. Hot and cold handles are all backwards on the sinks. Kitchen sink handle is barely holding together. Turning it off and on is a chore. We have reported these issues and they have not been fixed.. Ever! I also had to lay down newspapers in my cupboards and even on top because there is an extremely thick layer of sticky something that I can't wipe, neither scrape off. No idea what it is. There are a lot of good things about this place too. My child absolutely loves the playground. The pool is pretty clean and enjoyable. Management and employees seem to be very very nice and pleasant. I also feel very safe here in this location, even past dark. My neighbors are all delightful as well. Noise is minimum. I can tell when my neighbors are home, I can hear them up and down the stairs, turning on the shower or garbage disposal, but I have never heard voices/music/tv's/ect. That is a plus. I would recommend this place. Just wish they had more maintenance people to get things on their To-Do list done, cause I am sure it is extremely long.